Why “Spiritual but not Religious”?

The fastest growing “religious” movement today is among those who claim to be “spiritual but not religious.” They avoid dogmatism, shun institutionalism, practice a variety of spiritualities and draw from many wells.  Yet Mercadante’s research shows they do have beliefs and are thinking deeply about “the big questions.” How did this movement start and what can we learn from it? What are the spiritual needs of these determined seekers? And how can they find serenity, grow spiritual roots, and experience fulfillment?



Spirituality & Addiction Recovery 

What is addiction, really? Some think it is a medical problem. Others think it is essentially a spiritual illness. Still others insist it is about personal choice. How can we approach this topic in a compassionate and effective manner? The good news is that addiction recovery is primarily a spiritual journey. A better understanding of the core principles of addiction recovery can become the catalyst for true spiritual liberation!

Dr. Linda Mercadante specializes in providing pivotal insights into addiction and its spiritual consequences.

Dr. Mercadante's Recovery Process

Dr. Mercadante has created a process to help recovering persons move deeper into their spirituality.
Helpful for both counselors and those in recovery.

Featured Programs:

“Religious & Theological Roots of the 12-Step Approach”

“Spirituality and Moral Injury”

“Moral injury”

“The Spiritual Roots of Addiction & Recovery”

“Spirituality, Victimization and Trauma”

“Getting Some Traction: Ideas of Sin & Addiction”

“Helping Addicts Move Beyond the Spiritual Wading Pool”





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