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Linda Mercadante, Ph.D. (Rev.)  helps people grow a healthier spirituality through good theology. She believes bad theology kills, but good theology helps your spirit thrive!


“Our beliefs do matter. In fact, beliefs play an integral part in every aspect of our lives: our thoughts, actions, hopes and relationships. Bad theology can be linked to such human tragedies as addiction, domestic violence, sexism, prejudice, victimization, and other problems.


- Dr. Linda Mercadante

Belief Without Borders:
Inside The Minds Of The Spiritual But Not Religious


Spiritual But Not Religious

The fastest growing “religious” movement today is among the “spiritual but not religious.” What can we learn from this broad group of spiritual seekers to support them in finding serenity &amp expanding their spiritual roots.

Spirituality & Addiction Recovery

The good news is that addiction recovery is primarily a spiritual journey. A better understanding of the core principles of addiction recovery can become the catalyst for true spiritual liberation!




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“I wish there were more such voices of reason and faith in our world today.” - Rev. William McCarthy

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