Spirituality & Theology

Beliefs and spirituality are intimately related. Such issues as gender roles, reproductive loss (infertility, miscarriage, etc), and ethnic heritage impact our growth, sometimes making it a challenge to find a spiritual “home.” By using story, theology, and history, Dr. Mercadante helps attendees break free of constraining ideas so each one can move toward spiritual liberation.


VideoDr. Mercadante explains how she became a theologian. [Scroll to middle of this video presented at the American Academy of Religion Nov. 2011] http://jeffkclarke.com/2011/12/23/a-tribute-to-clark-pinnock-life-and-theology-november-2011/


Linda is a first rate scholar and writer….She can engage very practical human problems and issues with theological insight, drawing upon the social sciences, social movements, and the theological tradition in mutual dialogue. -Prof. Tyron Inbody, Ph.D., United Seminary

Many of us will be in Mercadante’s debt for the contributions she makes through this useful and readable book [Gender, Doctrine & God: The Shakers and Contemporary Theology] for many years to come. -Marjorie Procter-Smith, Ph.D., Theology Today


Invite Dr. Mercadante to speak to your group in one or more of the following areas:


Linda is not just a scholar…She is very much a doer, with the drive, persistence and know-how to get things done. She sets high standards, especially for herself, and is not afraid to take risks.
-John Matthews, MidWest Center

While Linda is a woman of deep convictions, she is a woman for whom faith is never final but rather an ongoing quest for deeper understanding and communion with God. -Prof. John Merkle, Ph.D., St. Benedict’s College, St. Joseph, MN


“Connecting Gender & Theology”
Dr. Mercadante will explain how gender has long been a category both used and misused in theology and spirituality.

“The Shakers Revolutionary God Imagery”
Did you know that the Shakers understood God as “Father-Mother?” See how this affected their lives and social structures.

“Exploring Your Spiritual & Cultural Heritage”
Dr. Mercadante will help you explore how your ethnic, religious and cultural heritage affects your spirituality.

“Healthy Theology for Women”
Learn how you can reframe your beliefs to liberate your spirit in a way that is both doctrinally and personally responsible.

“Liberating Themes in Christian Theology”
Let Dr. Mercadante reveal the liberating themes in Christian theology which can enhance your spiritual growth and personal freedom.

“Immigrants as Spiritual Pilgrims”
Explore how immigrants can be spiritual role-models if we allow ourselves to hear their stories.

“The Spiritual Trauma of Domestic Violence”
Domestic violence is often a hidden problem in congregations, yet it is a spiritual trauma for everyone involved. Learn how good theology can help prevent and heal this tragedy.

“Spiritual Issues in Reproductive Loss”
Reproductive loss (infertility, miscarriage, etc.) is often the silent problem in many congregations. Yet it raises crucial theological issues which, when gracefully dealt with, can lead to spiritual growth.

“Spiritual Gifts in Adoption”
Learn how the reality and metaphor of adoption can be spiritually enlivening.

See Dr. Mercadante on YouTube, giving a tribute to one of her mentors: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xO72oqNt6io