Dr. Linda Mercadante

Dr. Linda Mercadante

What is addiction, really? Some think it is a medical problem. Others think it is essentially a spiritual illness. Still others insist it is about personal choice.

How can we approach this topic in a compassionate and effective manner?

The good news is that addiction recovery is primarily a spiritual journey. A better understanding of the core principles of addiction recovery can become the catalyst for true spiritual liberation!


Dr. Linda Mercadante specializes in providing pivotal insights into addiction and its spiritual consequences.


Victims & Sinners is “one of the most profound books written on the subject of addiction.” -Publishers Weekly

“Achieves an impressive clarity in [her] skillful and passionate ‘intertwinement’ of doctrine and problematic.” -Douglas John Hall, Theology Today

“Balanced…wide-ranging, insightful and…profound.” -Ernest Kurtz, Journal of Studies on Alcohol

“The first assessment of this depth about recovery groups.” -Forbes Book Club


 Invite Dr. Mercadante to give presentation to your group,

organization or conference on one or more of these topics:


 “A Circle of Spiritual Guidance”

Dr. Mercadante has created a process to help recovering persons move deeper into their spirituality. Helpful for both counselors and those in recovery.


“Religious & Theological Roots of the 12-Step Approach”

 A valuable program helping providers, clergy and recovering persons to understand the conceptual and practical roots of AA.


“Spirituality and Moral Injury”

“Moral injury” — transgressing one’s deeply held values — can easily lead to addiction. Learn how military veterans and other vulnerable populations can find recovery from this complicated challenge.


“The Spiritual Roots of Addiction & Recovery”

Dr. Mercadante shows how avoiding sharp dichotomies enables us to gain much more from a spiritual approach to addiction treatment. Her insights will support providers in better serving both religious and non-religious clients.


“Spirituality, Victimization and Trauma”

Dr. Mercadante provides a spiritual basis for such psychological concepts as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Helpful for recovering persons, clergy and therapists.


“Getting Some Traction: Ideas of Sin & Addiction”

Dr. Mercadante shows there are some surprising areas of conceptual overlap between the concepts of sin and addition — with important practical effects. Especially beneficial for clergy and counselors.


“Helping Addicts Move Beyond the Spiritual Wading Pool”

How do we help addicts recover meaning and purpose in life, as well as mature spiritually, and connect with a spiritual heritage? A valuable seminar for counselors and recovering persons alike.


To invite Dr. Mercadante — or get additional information — contact her at

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