Meet Dr. Linda Mercadante


For more than 25 years, Linda Mercadante, Ph.D. (Rev.) has been helping people grow a healthier spirituality through good theology. She believes bad theology kills, but good theology helps your spirit thrive!    

“Our beliefs do matter. In fact, beliefs play an integral part in every aspect of our lives: our thoughts, actions, hopes and relationships. Bad theology can be linked to such human tragedies as addiction, domestic violence, sexism, prejudice, victimization, and other problems.

However, many people are afraid to confront their inherited religious beliefs, feel compelled to give them up, or believe they must walk away from all organized faith groups. These are not your only choices! Of course it is crucial to correct misinterpretations, but you need not abandon your faith heritage — or to reject religion entirely. Instead, your heritage and beliefs can be renewed, reframed, or you can be helped to choose a more adequate theological basis for your life. 

Dr. Mercadante knows first-hand how it feels to live without a clear spiritual identity. Born into an immigrant, working class, mixed ethnic, non-religious household in the rough urban environment of Newark, NJ, she experienced the uncertainty that comes from not having a spiritual home. She went through years of searching, travel, and exploration in her quest for a spiritual identity. In the process, she earned a Ph.D. in theology from Princeton, became ordained, and found a vocation in seminary teaching. She is dedicated to helping others find a spiritual identity that can allow their spirits to come home.

Learn more about Linda Mercadante’s story in her memoir: Bloomfield Avenue: A Jewish-Catholic Jersey Girl’s Spiritual Journey [Rowman & LIttlefield, Cowly Imprint, 2006].

Among Dr. Mercadante’s many accomplishments …

  • She is a prolific author of five books and more than 50 articles. She lectures internationally, conducts seminars for a wide variety of audiences, and teaches on a broad range of topics including: the spiritual but not religious movement, addiction recovery, gender and theology, faith and film, and spiritual memoir writing.
  • Her most recent book was selected as among “The Best of the Best Spiritual Books of the Year” by Spirituality&Practice.
  • She was named a Luce Scholar for her work examining the beliefs and practices of today’s “Spiritual but not Religious.”  (“Untethered Belief, Unfettered Practice: Thinking Theologically about ‘Spiritual but not Religious’)” The coveted Henry Luce III Fellowship in Theology is awarded to only six scholars per year throughout the entire U.S. and Canada.
  • She is a Robert Straker Professor of Historical Theology at The Methodist Theological School in Ohio, a member of the Scioto Valley Presbytery, and an active participant in many professional groups including The American Academy of Religion and The Workgroup on Constructive Theology.
  • She is a Fellow of The Center of Theological Inquiry at Princeton and The Ecumenical Institute at St. John’s University. In addition to the Luce award, she has received numerous grants from such groups as The Louisville Institute and The Association of Theological Schools.  
  • She was elected to the “Theologies of Religious Pluralism” project of the American Academy of Religion. She has also served as Visiting Scholar in Media & Theology at The University of Edinburgh (Scotland).


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